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Course Syllabus

At Ramgarhia Khalsa School, we offer six levels of classes ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 6; some levels include more than one section in the Punjabi language school. First-time learners begin in Grade 1 and progress through the grades. Students with prior background in Punjabi can take an evaluation test to determine the grade that best fits their ability. These classes focus primarily on teaching the Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script, Gurbani and Sikh history. We also teach arts/crafts and present opportunities for youth to participate in volunteer/leadership events in the Edmonton community. There are three levels of Kirtan classes for both Harmonium and Tabla while the students are divided into four age groups during the Gurmat camp.

Academics: Academics

School Assembly Schedule

For Punjabi classes, on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month, the assembly will happen in Darbar Sahib of Gurdwara Millwoods. Other Sundays, it will be in the other designated area of the school. For Kirtan classes, the students do Kirtan in the Darbar Sahib of Gurdwara Millwoods on the second Sunday of the month.

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