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Founded in 1986, Ramgarhia Khalsa School was established to keep members of the Sikh community and their children connected with their historical roots, through the Punjabi language and teachings of the Sikh religion. Even today, the Sikh and Punjab-speaking community continues to grow within Edmonton and it is crucial to provide the resources for the current and upcoming generations with knowledge of their religious and cultural history. Our school’s aim is to provide an environment where children can learn the basics of Punjabi language, Punjabi culture, and Sikh principles of selfless service, honest living, and meditation. 

The school is located in the same building as Gurdwara Millwoods. Over the past several years, our school has grown in its building, staff, volunteers, and students, with currently over 300 students and 35+ staff/volunteers resulting in over 500 admissions in all three wings; Punjabi, Kirtan and Gurmat Camp. Our dedicated team of teachers and volunteers strive to provide excellent education to our students and prioritize achieving the highest level in terms of each student's learning experience and development.

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Ramgarhia Khalsa School

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