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Who We Are ?

Here at Ramgarhia Khalsa School, our students are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why our online learning program is easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs, no matter where they are located. With a passionate team of licensed teachers and staff, every course comes with full support through phone, email or video sessions.

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Course Overview

We at Ramgarhia Khalsa School, focus primarily on educating students about the Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script, the Kirtan, the history, values and arts as per Sikhism. In the Punjabi classes, the students also learn typing using Punjabi/Gurmukhi fonts, the art & craft that allows them to explore their creativity, the Gurmat/Gurbani and the Sikh history besides learning the Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script. In Kirtan classes, students are taught how to play Harmonium and Tabla while reciting Gurbani and they are prepared to do Kirtan. All school, in-person classes students, are given the opportunity to display their learning on the Gurdwara Millwoods stage in front of the congregation. 

All of the above is also taught, in brief, during the summer Gurmat Camp, in addition to Sikh martial arts like Gatka are also taught. Various experts are invited to speak about health, social and other issues related to the community throughout the year. Recreational field trips are also organized during the school year and during Gurmat Camp which provide the students with the opportunity to participate in volunteer and leadership events in the Edmonton community.


Harmonium and Tabla Class

Ramgarhia Khalsa School educates students with the skills and experience they need to excel in the Harmonium and Tabla. Apply today and start building the future of your dreams.

Computer Class

At Ramgarhia Khalsa School, you’ll enjoy an excellent learning atmosphere and a staff committed to excellence in education. Continue reading to discover our programs, and get in touch with any questions.

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Art/craft classes

Art classes aim to engage students by providing a fun-filled, creative approach to teach Punjabi as a second language. This class incorporates Gurmukhi, Sikh history, tradition, and culture and teaches using kinetic learning methods. This is also accomplished by visual learning, crafts, video, sound and project-based skills to further expand student knowledge of the Punjabi language.

Summer Gurmat Camp Details

Every year in the month of July, Ramgarhia Khalsa School offers Gurmat Summer Camp for those who wish to learn about the Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script and Sikh history and culture. In this camp, students also have the opportunity to take part in arts/crafts, computer education and martial arts classes like gatka classes. Students are awarded for their achievements during the camp and at the end of the camp, students are taken on a fun-filled field trip where they enjoy various games and activities.

Message From Principal

With an abundance of experience as educators, our leadership has developed a philosophy that has proven successful throughout the years. Through a unique Online teaching approach that makes students feel respected, appreciated and capable, we create an engaging and collaborative experience for every student.

Gurdeep Singh Jhajj

Ramgarhia Khalsa School

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NAAD Music Classes
Admission Open Now for
Dec 05, 2021 Session

NAAD Musical Classes provides the unique opportunity for students to learn Indian Vocal music. REGISTER NOW... !

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Contact Us

2606 Mill woods Road East NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6L 5Y3

Gurdeep Singh Jhajj - Principal (780-966-2623)

Surinder Singh Hoonjan - Education Coordinator (780-777-3653)


For Gurdwara Millwoods, please visit the site



School Online Hours

10:00AM - 1:00PM 


School In-Person Classes

10:00AM - 1:00PM


In case of Child's Absence, please fill the Online Absence Form. 

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